• Original beat


    Looking for a beatmaker? Beathunterz helps you create your new beat exactly the way you want it. Hire the best beatmakers with years of experience to collaborate on an original and exclusive beat, made from scratch!

  • Mastering


    Already mixed? Let our sound engineers use their years of experience and top-of-the-range studio equipment to add some final shine to your tune, including maximizing the loudness without sacrificing any quality.

  • Mix and master


    Also known as “stems mix and master,” this is the ultimate service for your tune. We polish each track while retaining your signature style. After making sure all the stems are mixed together perfectly, we add the finishing touches to the song as a whole.

This is our sound

You’ll be blown away by the quality of our beats and the breadth of our range. Check out some examples of our work below. They’re all freshly made to represent the sound of 2024. None of our competitors in the commercial, rap, and hip-hop industries offer buyout beats like this.

# Genre

Unique beats from true professionals.

Each one of our instrumentals is a work of art, created by our experienced beatmakers in professional recording studios. Our crew is always plugged into what’s happening right now in electronic music. They travel the world in search of inspiration, from Ibiza to Berlin, Amsterdam to Miami, attending conferences and destroying dancefloors. We're proud to have a team packed with world-class talent.

We never overcharge.

Our prices are fixed, and so is our quality. We only offer you our best beats. Plus, our deals are risk-free, as we only charge when you’re satisfied with the quality of your demo. We don’t make false promises of record deals or radio rotation: No one can guarantee that you’ll get signed by a major label. Beathunterz can only guarantee that your track will boast the same quality as tracks in Spotify’s Top 100.

Know the score before you place an order

We’re sure you have a question or two. That's why we’ve developed a step‑by‑step guide and have answered a bunch of frequently asked questions.