Buying Beats Online

How does it work?

When you purchase a beat, you’re buying an audio file which has been copyrighted by the producer. In return for your payment, the producer grants you certain rights – a license agreement. The license can be either exclusive or non-exclusive.

Which license should I buy?

An exclusive license can only be sold once, to one artist, whereas with the non-exclusive option, a license for one beat can be sold to multiple artists, which may lead to hundreds of artists rapping over exactly the same beat as you. And it’s perfectly acceptable. But it’s not cool.

Different non-exclusive licenses have different limitations. For example, the beat may be tagged with an audible watermark, so you wouldn’t be able to use it commercially. Or there may be a restriction on the number of times your song can be streamed on platforms such as Spotify, meaning that you get into trouble the moment your track blows up. Under basic licenses, some producers will only provide low-quality audio files, often with the whole beat as just one track, rather than broken down into individual track-out stems.

The more expensive the license, the more user rights will be granted. Licenses where only a poor-quality MP3 file is provided are known, appropriately, as MP3 leases. Higher tier agreements include WAV leases and standard leases.

Some people who buy beats online are happy to opt for the cheaper licenses and put up with low-quality files. The user rights might be enough for their purposes. But it’s only with exclusive licenses you can be sure that no one else will use the beat after your purchase.

But what about before your purchase? Well, the beatmaker might have had some sales of the beat in the past, which means that even with an exclusive license, you still wouldn’t be the only one using that beat.

This is covered by the notice of outstanding clients in the exclusive contract that you sign when buying the beat. It protects previous, non-exclusive licensees from you issuing a strike or any other claim against them as the exclusive buyer.

How can I really be the only one who uses the beat?

Luckily, there’s a platform which provides genuinely exclusive licenses: Beathunterz.
It’s the place to go if you don’t want to end up facing lawsuits, copyright issues, or strikes because you’ve made a killer tune with a beat that you don’t have the full rights to. Each beat on Beathunterz can only be sold once, to just one customer.

This is the only platform currently in existence where you can buy the entire copyright of a beat or instrumental. Once purchased, it instantly becomes unavailable to anyone else, and unique ownership and absolutely all rights are transferred to you.

And Beathunterz beats have never previously been published or sold, anywhere. There’s no need to share publishing, credits, or royalties with the beatmaker. The price includes total control over the beat and any tunes you make with it.

We highly recommend you read all license terms and contracts before you make a purchase on beat selling platforms, where “exclusive licenses” are often not 100% exclusive. With Beathunterz though, you can rest assured that you’ll become the sole owner and holder of all rights and financial interest in the beat.