Beathunterz vs Airbit vs BeatStars: What’s best platform to sell beats?

Beat-selling platforms offer many ways to make money by selling beats online. Depending on your needs as a beat producer, each has its own ways to make your life easier.

Use Beathunterz if you:

Have no fan base
Don't have the time or energy for self-promotion
Are happy to give away rights in exchange for bigger paychecks

Use Airbit if you:

Are a newer music producer or beatmaker
Need social media, email, or website integration

Use BeatStars if you:

Are a bigger producer with a large advertising budget
Need YouTube, SoundCloud, or Audiomack integration
Are looking to network with other beatmakers and producers

Beathunterz, BeatStars, and Airbit are all reliable, easy-to-use platforms with astonishing features and intuitive, attractive design. They’re professional and deliver your beats to customers in an instant. Take a look at all three to see which one suits you best.